ADMISSION / Steps – How to apply

Check the application dates on our website.
  1. Inform yourself about our studio and the requirements (see FAQs). You can always pass by, call or e-mail us for further questions.
  2. You have to apply to one studio – this means your application is not valid to Studio Greg Lynn or Studio Kazuyo Sejima at the same time. Please feel free to re-apply at the second date if your application was not successful.
  3. Prepare a portfolio and collect your documents. The portfolio should include your previous work and a biography with previous studies and professional activity, including all relevant diplomas, if necessary in certified translation.
  4. If you live outside the European Union, please check the visa requirements in order to make sure you can start your studies in time. Since there are 2 applicaton dates, we recommend to apply at the earlier date (February) in order to solve any visa issues until the start of the study year which is October
  5. Apply to the studio:

The admission consists of 3 parts:

a)    submission of the admission form

b)    submission of a portfolio

(can be sent digitally, max. 20 MB, should include a CV + photo, a letter of intent)

c)    Interview (which can be done via Skype, time will be announced)


The admission has been passed if all parts have been tested positive by the entry jury.

The portfolio should include a CV + photo; a letter of intent;

a selection of own work in any media including architectural design, graphic design, photography, industrial design, printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.;

References (max. 3/ not obligatory)

more infos at:


Send your application material to: studio_hani.rashid@uni-ak.ac.at

In general, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate contacting us.

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