FINALS: Thursday June 21st, 2018 - 10:30AM

We will be joined by guest critics:

Lise Anne Couture - founding partner and Principal at Asymptote Architecture
Barbara Imhof - co-founder and co-manager of LIQUIFER Systems Group(LSG)
Theo Sarantoglou Lalis co-founder of LASSA Architects
Peter Tapio - Project Coordinator, IdeaSquare, CERN

Lise Anne Couture

is a founding partner and Principal at Asymptote Architecture. Asymptote has in recent years embarked on a number of ambitious and challenging projects around the globe. In each case the focus has been on creating exciting and compelling architectural works with an attention to advances in both the thinking and conceptualizing of new spatial and formal possibilities, which also a great deal of attention to the realities of building and engineering advanced architectural ideas and projects. The recent works include two new projects for Moscow that will be explained on a series of levels of interest. Both projects, one being a new museum of contemporary and modern art carrying the Hermitage namesake and pedigree, and another being a new 150m tower being built on the ZIL property in central Moscow will be described through their urban ‘blending’, the tectonic obsessions, their implicit use of history and cultural narratives and their manifestation using state of the arts tools means and methods. Alongside these projects other notable works by asymptote including the Yas Marina hotel on Abu Dhabi and the ARC multimedia museum in Daegu South Korea will also be described and analyzed by similar criteria and parameters. Lise Anne is a professor in Practice at Columbia University (GSAPP ) in New York city.

Barbara Imhof

is an internationally active space architect, design researcher and educator.

Her projects deal with human space exploration and spaceflight parameters such as with living with limited resources, minimal and transformable spaces, resource-conserving systems; all aspects imperative to sustainability. She works with European and internationally recognised industrial partners and research institutions for space exploration. Another topical path since the 2000s has been biomimetic designs for architectural structures.

She is a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a member of the International Astronautical Academy and in the executive board of Women in Aerospace Europe.Barbara Imhof is an internationally active space architect, design researcher and educator.

Theo Sarantoglou Lalis

has been running a diploma unit at the AA since 2009. He has taught postgraduate studios at Harvard and Columbia with Hani Rashid. He was a visiting professor at Chalmers and Lund University in Sweden between 2009 and 2016. He has run architecture and urban design workshops in Brazil, China, Iran, Belgium, Sweden, Australia and the US and has lectured internationally. Theo is a co-founder of LASSA Architects, an international architecture practice with offices in London and Brussels. LASSA operates at the intersection between the fields of art, technology and social science. Current work includes commissions from the public and private sectors in Europe, Africa,  the Middle East and Asia. In 2010, LASSA was awarded a REA European research grant in partnership with world leading specialists as well as research institutions throughout Europe and Switzerland. LASSA won a number of international awards for villa Ypsilon and was shortlisted for the 2012 Chernikov award and the 2013 Lisbon Biennial award. Prior to founding LASSA, he worked in Brussels, London and New York and was a project architect at Future Systems and later a project director at Asymptote Architecture on a number of completed international projects. He received his masters from the Bartlett school of Architecture in London. He has experience practising architecture in 18 countries. He is a registered architect since 2000.

Peter Tapio

is a product developer and maker at heart, with strong experience of practical development projects in an academic setting. He has a long history with Aalto University and has participated globally in events to teach and learn creative methods and product development. Peter is also an entrepreneur involved in several startups in a technical or strategic role. He took his passion for building new things to the next level by participating in art projects that allow for creative use of technology. Peter has been a part of projects which built interactive art installations, mainly to be exhibited and then burned at Burning Man events. Peter is currently involved in projects at CERN in Switzerland and both Turku and Helsinki, Finland.

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